If you’re eating the same sad sandwich or salad every day for lunch, it’s easy to understand why you’re starting to lose your mojo to maintain a healthy diet.

Rather than give you another stale recipe, here’s a simple template you can use to stack up endless lunch (and even dinner) ideas…

1. Pick a Base

This should be a green or a healthy grain.

2. Pick 2-3 Veggies

They can be hot or cold and any shade of the rainbow.

Think, roasted broccoli, roasted or raw beets, charred carrots, etc.

3. Pick a Protein

Meat or plant-based. Whatever you prefer.

It’s a good idea to go for organic, grass fed, pasture-raised.

But if your budget doesn’t allow for that, right now, don’t be held back.

Start where you are.

4. Pick Extras

These are anything to give the bowl a little extra nutrition and also add some crunch.

That’s an overlooked and incredibly important part of a great meal. There’s something so satisfying about a little crunch in a bite of food.

Think, seeds, chopped nuts, diced radish, etc.

5. Dress It

Whip up a simple, healthy dressing from olive oil, dijon mustard and lemon.

Or just go for a drizzle of oil or vinegar.

The goal is to go for something that tastes great and supports your health.

So, as much as I used to love me some Hidden Valley Ranch (on EVERYTHING), that isn’t so much on the menu anymore.

But, again, start where you are.

If all of this healthy eating is new to you and you’re used to eating fried chicken fingers drowned in ranch dressing, then maybe start with this bowl idea and cut back your typical ranch portion to half.

Seems small, but that’s the key- small steps.

Give this a shot and let me know your thoughts.

– Adam

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